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These are the types of flooring installations TLG flooring masters work with:



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TLG flooring masters serve an extensive range of flooring services, and one our most sought-after is the flooring installation services, either modern floors or industrial. Our floor experts also provide additional modern flooring services, apart from flooring installation, which includes flooring repair services for floors that need a bit of a touch-up or floor removal to get rid of a worn-out floorboard. Our flooring services also comprises wood flooring cleaning services to keep your floors squeaky clean and at their best appearance.
Wall paneling is a great solution if wall painting is not on your bucket list, especially with the amount of effort it takes while still giving very bland results. TLG flooring masters with its versatility, offers wall paneling near you, therefore we are always accessible to our clients. We offer countless wall panelings like wood wall paneling for that wooden feel, interior wall paneling and affordable interior wall paneling, provision of wall paneling sheets, on-a-budget affordable wall paneling, modern wall paneling, garage wall paneling, black wall paneling, wood wall paneling sheets, brick wall paneling, stone wall paneling, pvc wall paneling and many other types of wall paneling. All of our wall panelings are based upon your preferences and interests.
If you’re on a budget to renovate your house’s look, then laminate flooring installation is your best shot. Laminate flooring options copy the appearance of real wood or stone, and tend to be more maintainable and manageable than actual materials. What we offer is waterproof laminate flooring, laminate wood flooring, laminate paper, and laminate sheets as a laminate flooring solution. Plus, we provide laminate floor repair services to fix damaged floors. Our laminate flooring service is waterproof so it’s more compatible with different regions of the house.

We encompass quite the options for vinyl flooring, from luxury vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet
flooring and waterproof vinyl flooring. Based on what area you’ll be considering these flooring
options for, you can choose either of these and have a beautiful clean finish. Vinyl flooring in
general is suitable for high-traffic areas, which is why it’s durable but also stylish.


For areas that need a smoother, more subtle flooring, tiles are the best solution to opt for. Places like the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor areas are all tiled on the ground since tiling is more waterproof than other materials. The finish is a cohesive look, adding definition to any area.

The classic hardwood flooring reforms the entire aestheticism of your house into a more earthy and natural one. And in addition to that, it adds to the durability of your flooring as well since wood stays put no matter what. We offer hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor refinishing, and hardwood floor repair services. Our professional flooring services will give your floor a flawless finish, making your space feel more cozier.
With our custom-made paver floorings, you can cover your outdoor spaces like pool pavements, garden pavements and modern driveway pavements with a paver carpeting. We offer pool pavers, sealing pavers, garden pavers, limestone pavers, backyard pavers, grass pavers, outdoor pavers, modern driveway pavers, large patio pavers, red brick pavers, and brick pavers patio. We tend to conserve the beauty for patios, walkways and driveways while also ensuring their long lastingness.
This not-so-common technique of ceiling decor is a beautiful way to add style and functionality to your ceiling. There’s plenty of places where ceiling tiles come in handy, that’s why we also offer services for modern bathroom tiles as well as bathroom floor tiles, garage floor tiles, outdoor tiles, kitchen tiles, mirror tiles and 2×2 ceiling tiles as well. All of which are derived from your personal aesthetic sense. We carry through the installation procedure speedily so you don’t have to worry about anything.
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